Today I am Kris. 

Today I am Kris. I am a giver, leader, rescuer, caregiver, friend, mentor, humble servant, kind, genuine, honest comrade, & a "sheepdog" at heart.

Today I am Kris


Kris' Story

The mission of the Kristopher Fielding Lewis Foundation is to perpetuate the character of Kristopher Lewis and honor his memory through providing Scholarships and Community Support.


In the early morning of Wednesday, November 25th, 2015, the day before Thanksgiving, my little brother & only sibling, Kris Lewis, was killed in a head-on collision with a semi-truck while driving my dad's king cab F-350. We don't have a reason as to why it happened - the trooper that has dealt directly with all of this (& has proven to be one of the most incredible persons I've ever met...ever) went above & beyond & dug deep on both drivers ends & they just couldn't find any cause as to why this happened. There was no drinking, no phone activity, nothing. Neither driver was doing anything wrong & because of that, we hold no ill-will towards the other driver. 


Kris is a good man. He was an emergency responder & ocean rescue specialist in Corolla, OBX, NC & was always just genuinely happy & content with life as it is. How many people can honestly say they're 100% satisfied with life? Especially at only 21yrs old?! I know I can't. 


We created this page as an outreach, a support, a place to gather, share, love, & as a whole, continue Kris's life, legacy, & be the air he breathes in this world as he works vigilant miracles in & around our lives in the next. Every day we strive to be like him in so many ways. He was & is strong, faithful, a giver, a lover, a friend, a leader, a "sheepdog", & someone who fully understood that life is bigger than ourselves. At only 21, he knew life was about our community, our teammates, our comrades, our family, our friends, our loved ones, wildlife, & those strangers we all meet in life that make the largest impacts with the smallest acts of kindness. Here, we hope to share memories, share updates on the donation-based foundation placed in his name - The Kristopher Lewis Foundation, to meet one another, to provide opportunities to come together & support, etc. Please feel free to share pictures, memories, laughs, good times, hard days, etc. Today, & every day, we embrace life as Kris always did & strive to encompass his morals, values, & easy love of life as he naturally did. 

Our motto:  Today I am Kris.